About Jess


I am a Colorado native who has a background in technology sales and is now exploring my passion for organizing just about anything. My approach is making sure each space is performing at optimal  functionality for each client. My goal is making sure when I leave your space it is filled with joy, peaceful and comfortable. 

When I am not making a mess and putting things back together in an organized fashion I am exploring the great outdoors or live music around town. Now that you know a little bit about me, I would love the chance to help you on your journey to making your house a home!

Hear from our clients

Our clients love working with us, just read what they have to say!

I had two closets that were just getting out of control so I called in reinforcements. Jess came over and helped me get rid of a bunch of items I was no longer using and came up with a sorting system that I can now implement for the future. The results are night and day! I didn’t realize how stressed out it was making me and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. This is absolutely something I should have done sooner and I’m so grateful to have this off my list.
Jess helped me organize my kitchen and I knew it was time to ask for help when I had baby/toddler items in 4 different places in our kitchen with the most cabinet space being taken up by cups. Editing is easy for me but dedicating the time was challenging and I knew I needed outside help to enhance the flow of my kitchen. Jess had really helpful tools to help me edit and she was willing to let me make all of my decisions which is extremely empowering. The space had 0% vacancy before and we were aiming for 20% but got all the way up to 30% so I have room to grow into these empty cabinets. Jess doesn’t hesitate to change a shelf or reorganize a cabinet that just doesn’t feel right and she had access to all the right products I didn’t even know I needed. She upheld her communication very well to keep me on task and now my daughter's items have a proper flow that genuinely saves me time when I get her items out and away everyday. This massive project led me to want to keep editing and maintaining the organized flow of our kitchen. You'd be surprised at how much joy clear containers give you! I cannot recommend Jess enough, she’s got the vision and ability to execute.
Jess from Joyful Organizing worked on two projects at my house, my linen closet and kitchen cabinets, both of which were in dire need of organizational help. As a self-proclaimed “organizationally challenged” person, I could not have dreamed up a better result than what Jess accomplished! She came prepared with all the right materials and ideas. Additionally, she made organizational projects that I normally avoid and get frustrated by, both fun and rejuvenating. Now when I go into my closet and cabinets I am filled with calm and ease rather than anxiety and dread. I highly recommend to anyone who has a space in their house that they just can’t get organized to work with Joyful Organizing, as Jess helps create joy in the spaces that make up a home.
Jess at Joyful Organizing helped my partner and I with our kitchen and pantry. We moved to a house and didn't like how we organized the kitchen and pantry when we unpacked boxes but couldn't think of a better way to organize them. Jess did a great job with helping us to organize in a more strategic manner. The kitchen and pantry are much more organized in a way that makes more sense, and Jess helped us to get rid of clutter. Now, when we come into the kitchen or pantry, we feel less stress and more joy. We feel more productive too because we spend less time looking for things. Jess was also a joy to work with. We would definitely recommend Joyful Organizing!